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I live in Delft, the Netherlands with my husband and two daughters. We were born in Sri Lanka.

I am a Civil Engineer by training and gained experience in Information Technology and Web Development. Currently I undertake freelance projects in following areas:

  • Development of relational database backed web portals using Web Application Frameworks (I use Asp.NET MVC (C#) for these.)
  • Web-CMS based remote-manageable web sites (I use Joomla for this)
  • Specialized applications. e.g. Wikis (Mediawiki), Learning management systems (Moodle), among others.
  • Relational database projects (Oracle, SQL Server) and general program development tasks (I have experience in C# and FORTRAN mainly).
  • My current (as of Summer 2010) recommended hosting environments for web solutions are
    • IIS 7.5+ SQL Server 2008 R2, on Windows Server 2008 R2
    • LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP/Python/Perl) for all others.
This site runs on LAMP and driven by Mediawiki -- a bit unusual application of the software.
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Interesting places we visited in the Netherlands
The place where we live. It's a small charming city with friendly people.
Beautiful Delft
A popular scene in the town center

Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands.


A flower garden (mostly tulips), best place to visit in Spring.

Hoek van Holland

Lively but crowded seaside resort in south Holland.


Another modern seaside resort in south Holland.

Sea life Aquarium

Located in Scheveningen seaside resort.


A zoo in Rotterdam.

Plaswijk park

Kids playground in Rotterdam.


Best place to go in a clear day for a panoramic view of Rotterdam city.

Rotterdam Habour

It's the largest port in Europe.

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